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Moving can be complicated after divorce
Moving can be complicated after divorce

Moving can be complicated after divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2019 | Child Custody And Parenting Plans |

You may have been perfectly happy to stay in the family home in Florida with your children when you and your spouse divorced. However, things change, and you may find that the best place for you now is in another city. The legal team at The Murphy Law Group often helps parents to come up with new custody and parenting plan solutions when major life changes affect post-divorce plans.

Every move does not require a modification of the paperwork. If it is a distance of more than 50 miles of your current residence or that of your children’s other parent, though, you will likely have to make some legal adjustments to your custody decree. After all, at that distance, you and the other parent will at minimum have to make changes to the pick-up and drop-off schedule, the other parent’s weekday visitation and other matters that would be affected by the hour’s distance between your homes.

Keep in mind that your former spouse may have a problem with you making these changes, and he or she may decide to fight the modification in court. This could disrupt your plans to move or, possibly even worse, lessen the amount of time you get to spend with your children. It is important to create a new parenting schedule that is in your children’s best interests, which allows you and the other parent both plenty of time to maintain a healthy relationship with them.

Negotiating a new parenting plan does not always have to turn into a court battle. More information about child relocation and custody modifications is available on our webpage.


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