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Some service members want military divorce law changed

When a person in the military goes through a divorce, the spouse has the right to claim up to half of that person's military pension as marital property. This means years later, when the person retires, a large chunk of their retirement amount may be gone, giving them less to live on. If a military person is married and goes through a military divorce more than once, they may be forced to hand over a portion of that money to each ex-spouse.

Miami father falsely accused of failing to pay child support

There are a lot of parents out there who fail to provide for the everyday expenses of their children. Often referred to as deadbeat parents, these people choose not to take care of the children they helped bring into the world. This means that Florida authorities are kept busy trying to track these men down and initiate child support enforcement against them. Often, they are brought to the attention of the state when one parent submits a claim that the other parent has failed to pay their child support.

Florida promotes adoption of African-American children

While a lot of focus is being given to international adoption, sadly there are thousands of children within our own country that are without a permanent home. These children may have come from parents who could not take care of them, were abandoned or they may have been rescued from situations involving abuse.

Florida baby has three parents on her birth certificate

Family law is complex. There are many statutes that govern aspects of divorce, adoption, paternity, and thousands of cases interpreting those statutes. And while new questions arise every day on issues of child custody, support and other family law issues, at least the broad outlines of how things are done is understood. For same-sex couples, the world of family law is often a journey without maps.

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