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What makes divorce take longer?
What makes divorce take longer?

What makes divorce take longer?

On Behalf of | May 1, 2024 | Divorce |

People often ask how long it’s going to take to get divorced. Unfortunately, there is no simple answer, as every divorce case is unique.

That being said, there are some factors that can make divorce take longer. Being aware of this can be beneficial if you are focused on getting through the process as quickly as you can. Below are three examples.

Litigating instead of mediating 

For one thing, litigation takes longer than mediation. With mediation, you and your spouse work together to find solutions. Litigation requires more court involvement and can stretch the process out. You need to go to court dates and hearings, for example.

Excessive disputes and refusal to compromise 

Litigation also often leads to disputes. If two people can’t compromise, that often makes the divorce take a bit longer. In some cases, couples will also get into excessive disputes over minor details. Even if they have a right to do so – they may not consider these things minor – they need to be aware that it will make the divorce take longer.

A default divorce and an uncooperative spouse 

Finally, there are some divorce cases with an uncooperative spouse who won’t respond to the divorce petition or won’t go to the court dates. This doesn’t mean that the divorce cannot proceed. The court can still issue a default divorce. However, it can make the process take longer because they do have to give the other spouse time to respond. The default divorce can only move forward after specific deadlines have been missed.

Your legal options

Are you interested in a swift divorce this year? Carefully consider all of the options you have and the steps you’ll need to take to help things go smoothly.


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