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The role of wealth in divorce

Some Florida couples experience trouble in their relationship over money. SunTrust Bank conducted a survey in which 35 percent of people said that money was the main reason for conflict in their relationship. The Federal Reserve Board reports a correlation between relationship longevity and credit scores with people who have higher scores staying in committed relationships longer. Couples also stay together longer when their credit scores are similar.

However, all of this does not necessarily add up to wealthy couples being less likely to divorce; the American Association of Matrimonial Lawyers reports that divorces increase when the economy is good and drop when it is bad. There are several stresses that could cause wealthy couples to divorce. One is that even though one or both spouses may be high earners, they might be big spenders as well. One attorney says that he has seen high-income couples with no money in their 401(k).

What can parents do if their kids refuse visitation?

If you are newly divorced or simply contemplating filing for divorce, one potential problem that you might encounter is that the kids don't want to visit with your ex — or even with you.

This can naturally be quite distressing for the parent with whom the kids are resisting spending time. What's a parent to do in these circumstances?

Recent trench deaths lead to new OSHA measures

Florida workers required to dig gas, water or sewer lines are well aware of the potential dangers involved in their line of work. If an excavation site caves in, everyone in the trench could die. That's why the Occupational Safety Health Administration has updated its National Emphasis Program on Trenching and Excavation.

OSHA officials claim that there has been a recent rise in fatalities at excavation sites. According to a report that tracked incidents from 2011 through 2016, nearly half of the fatalities took place in the last two years of the study. More than 75 percent of the deaths occurred at private construction sites.

The interaction between child support and custody

The current child support system was largely put in place during the 1960s. During that time, single mothers in Florida and throughout the country asked the government for help providing for their children. To relieve the burden, the federal government asked fathers to provide those financial resources instead. However, some parents are asked to pay child support even if they have custody of their children.

In such a scenario, both parents generally provide equal support for their sons and daughters. The child support system is designed to ensure that parents are providing no more than what it actually costs to raise a child. According to the USDA, that is about $1,000 a month, which means each parent should pay a maximum of $500 per month. Instead, state guidelines base support amounts on a parent's income as opposed to what it takes to adequately care for a child.

Don't ignore your traffic tickets in Florida

Florida is a destination where tourists are said to "go on vacation and leave on probation." While it's true that police and prosecutors won't turn a blind eye to lawless behavior from those visiting from out of state, minor transgressions like traffic tickets typically won't land anyone behind bars.

Unless you ignore them, that is. At that point, you could wind up facing far more serious and expensive consequences than you would have if you had simply dealt with the matter.

Older adults, divorce and health

There are many health implications to getting a divorce. Florida residents who are at least 50 years old and have gone through a divorce may suffer from both psychological and physical issues.

Elevated symptoms of depression are closely associated with gray divorce. Gray divorcees may also develop chronic anxiety and stress. Post-traumatic stress disorders may also be a consequence of gray divorce with older individuals suffering from memories of unhappy events and nightmares, particularly if they were victims in abusive relationships.

The necessity of prenups

Florida residents who are planning to get married and have children should consider completing a prenuptial agreement before getting married, particularly if one spouse plans to remain at home to raise the children. If a divorce occurs, it can be very difficult for the stay-at-home parent to reintegrate in the workforce. Although custodial parents are likely to be awarded some type of child support, that financial support will end when the children become 18 years old. Having a prenup in place that specifies the financial responsibilities of both parents can help ensure that the stay-at-home parent will have some long-term financial security after a divorce.

Pets are another reason to complete a prenup as many people tend to consider them surrogate children. If a marriage ends in divorce, what will happen to the pet will already have been addressed in the completed prenup.

Hopelessness can be the biggest factor in predicting divorce

Residents of Sarasota, Florida, and across the nation may wonder how to tell if their marriage may be headed toward divorce. Those struggling in their marriages may find it beneficial to evaluate their relationship and search for certain factors that serve as signs.

While all relationships will have their ups and downs, some individuals may ultimately end up feeling hopeless about the success of their marriage. This hopelessness is one of the top factors in predicting whether or not a couple will divorce. According to a study done by the University of Washington in 1992, couples who felt that hopelessness toward the beginning of the study were more likely to divorce around three years later.

What guides decisions in the Florida family law courts?

It's nerve-wracking when the future custody of your children is in the hands of a judge. He or she doesn't know you and your family, so how can they possibly know what is best for your kids?

Divorcing parents should take some comfort from the premise that Florida family law judges do not arbitrarily make child custody rulings. Instead, the state's family law courts base their custody (and other) decisions on the following dozen guiding principles.

Can I fight a ticket for texting while driving?

Many Florida drivers who get seemingly minor traffic tickets elect not to challenge the citations in court because they believe it's a foregone conclusion that they will be convicted.

So, they open their wallets and swallow their pride and pay up, whether or not they believe that they were guilty of the offense.

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