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How the super-rich split their fortunes after divorce

When Amazon founder Jeff Bezos announced that he was divorcing his wife of 25 years, the news appeared in many media outlets. Many Florida residents may be wondering what will happen to Bezos' massive fortune. Once the divorce is through, he may no longer be considered the richest man in the world.

Even though no one knows exactly how the Bezos family's wealth will be split, there are a few determinants that could give an idea. Normally, a pre-marital agreement, or even a post-marital one, will dictate property division. If the couple does not have one, the primary determinant will be geographic location. In other words, the state in which the Bezos family resides will decide how the wealth will be split.

How a couple's attractiveness could affect their future

When people in Florida get into the dating scene, physical attraction may be one significant factor bringing them together. According to surveys, people are likely to approach individuals they consider up to 25 percent more attractive than themselves on most online dating sites. While people may have widely varying views on which physical traits are most beautiful or appealing, social standards of beauty play a major role in individual tastes as well as general perceptions of how well a couple is matched. Several studies aimed to determine how couples perceived to have an appearance gap were affected by the difference.

According to one study, women who perceived their partners to be much less attractive than themselves in a self-reported survey were also more likely to flirt with others and feel uncommitted to the relationship. Of course, given that these were evaluations provided by the women themselves, the answers may reflect more complex issues than a gap in attractiveness. They may indicate boredom, contempt or resentment in the relationship, all of which are likely factors to lead to divorce. Other studies found that issues also arose when partners considered less attractive became jealous or controlling of the more attractive partner.

4 tips to help your children thrive after your divorce

Filing for divorce from your spouse can have a big impact on your children. It is imperative that you find ways to help them remain positive and see that they can still have a good life despite the monumental change.

In order to help your children, you need to take a step back and determine what is best for them. You can't think about how things are going to impact you or what happened in the past. You might find that you have to employ various methods to help your children.

Dividing a 401(k) in a divorce

People in Florida who are deciding to divorce may be concerned about how their retirement funds will be distributed. In many cases, 401(k)s and similar funds are some of the largest assets held by a couple, so it is important to handle the distribution of these funds properly. If they are not divided correctly, both divorcing spouses could face costly taxes and other penalties.

According to a survey of divorce lawyers, 62 percent of divorcing couples fight over the future of their retirement funds. Given the major financial effects of divorce, it is not surprising that all three of the most common issues related to assets. Alimony and business interests rounded out the top three most contentious issues. Even when the couple and their lawyers have reached an agreement on a fair property division settlement, the process that follows can be critical in making sure that it proceeds successfully. The only way to legally divide a 401(k) or similar workplace retirement fund is through the use of a qualified domestic relations order. A QDRO is a court order; it is not included in the divorce decree even though it reflects the same content.

Parents' role in teen driving citations

Parents typically laud their children's achievements and developmental milestones. But there is one rite of passage for teens that often gives parents' pause — their teens passing the driving test and getting a Florida driver's license.

Driving is a privilege that comes weighted with much responsibility for both teenagers and older adults. But with teens, parents also play a role in determining whether they belong behind the wheel.

Bird's nest custody — a new co-parenting approach

Determining custody arrangements in a divorce is typically one of the most contentious issues that couples face. Many discover that thinking outside of the box yields a better solution for them.

One non-traditional solution is known as "bird's nest" custody. It takes its name from the animal kingdom, where both female and male birds share the foraging and nest-building duties for their young.

How to divide a marital home in a divorce

There are many ways in which divorcing couples in Florida can choose to deal with a marital home. For instance, they could choose to sell it and split the proceeds. It's also possible to keep the home in an effort to help the children through the initial stages of the divorce. Someone who has a sentimental attachment to a certain property may also want to keep it.

However, a decision to keep a marital home should be made objectively as opposed to based on emotion. An individual who wants to stay in a home should be sure that he or she can afford to do so. In some cases, this won't be possible even with alimony or other financial assistance from the other spouse. Furthermore, whoever keeps the home should be the only one on the deed and the mortgage.

The role of DNA testing in paternity cases

A DNA test may be able to prove to almost 100 percent accuracy that a Florida resident is the parent of a child. It could also disprove an allegation that an individual is the parent to a particular child. Establishing paternity is important because it is usually the first step in obtaining a child support order when the child's parents are not married.

It can also be used in cases where parents apply for government resources such as Temporary Aid to Needy Families (TANF). In this scenario, the mother's partner is not automatically considered to be the father. However, it is not necessary to take a DNA test to establish paternity. In some cases, the parents can voluntarily acknowledge who the baby's father is. In the event that a DNA test is conducted, the process will remain confidential, and labs tend to have strict rules about chain of custody during the testing process.

Don't get cited for a traffic violation in your RV

While much of the country is shivering in snowfall, here on South Florida's west coast it's all sunshine and warm breezes. The balmy weather in and around Sarasota is like a siren song for winter snowbirds who live in less winter-friendly areas of the country.

That's one reason that Sarasota is so appealing to the recreational vehicle (RV) community. From covered pickup trucks to large motor homes, RV-ers flock to some of the nation's most picturesque beachside communities.

Finances and divorce

Issues related to finances can be some of the main contributors to the failure of a marriage. However, married Florida couples can take certain steps to make sure that the handling of financial issues will not lead to the demise of their marriage.

According to one expert, couples who wait to discuss their finances after getting married have waited too long. The most ideal time to talk about preferences and planning ideas for saving and spending is during the dating stage. This is so that couples will be in one accord regarding their finances, which can help prevent financial conflicts during marriage.

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