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Child support statistics in the United States

In Florida and around the country, separating parents often enter into child custody and visitation agreements. One common concern among those paying child support and those receiving it is if the amount they are paying or receiving is normal. The U.S. Census Bureau conducts a study every few years to determine just that, and the results may surprise some Americans.

Dividing finances and assets during a military divorce

Married Florida couples may find that going through a divorce while in the military can add a level of complexity to the process. While the actual procedural process is the same for military and non-military couples, there are some additional factors that could have an impact on the divorce for those with a spouse in the military.

How shifting gender roles can cause divorce

Florida residents who are thinking about marriage may be interested to learn that, according to a recent study, women who have sudden career surges after initially earning less than their husbands are more likely to get divorced. Part of the reason for this may be due to traditional gender roles.

How the self-employed can work on their relationships

It is a common belief that the national divorce rate is at about 50 percent. However, the divorce rate for entrepreneurs in Florida and throughout the country could actually be higher. One reason is because a new business can lead to financial issues, and those problems can bleed into a marriage. The dynamics between partners themselves can also cause stress within a relationship.

3 viable speeding ticket defenses

No one wants to have to pay the fines for speeding tickets, but there may be circumstances where you have legitimate defenses and choose to fight the tickets in court.

How to successfully adopt a stepchild

The role of a stepparent can be critical in a child's life. In some cases, Florida residents who are helping to raise another person's child may want to go through the formal adoption process. Completing the process will be much easier if the stepparent already has a relationship with the child and one of the child's parents.

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