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Shared custody is trending upward

Divorcing Florida parents should know the days of a father automatically being relegated to every-other-weekend parenting are no more. All across the nation, legislators and judges are pushing a trend toward shared parenting. Fully integrating each parent into the lives of children has shown to benefit child development along with easing the pain of parents who would have been forced to spend more time separated from children under previous standards.

Help your children cope with your divorce by planning ahead

Learning that your parents are going through a divorce is stressful for children. Part of the reason for this is the upheaval of everything they've grown accustomed to. Another part is that they don't have any say or control. If you are planning on divorcing or think that your marriage is ending, you need to think about what you need for your children.

Government works to improve child support collection

Unpaid child support and delinquent parents can be a major financial burden for many families in Florida, especially when that support is necessary to pay the bills and make ends meet for the children. Because unpaid support can have such a detrimental effect on children's lives, child support enforcement is a priority for federal and state agencies. One system that has successfully improved the collection of delinquent child support has been the use of automatic payroll withdrawals to support a child support obligation. The federal Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) oversees this process among state agencies involved.

Late-in-life divorce can be complex

For people in Florida considering a divorce, the financial implications are some of the most challenging and difficult. This can especially be the case for people who choose to end their marriage later in life. In the past 25 years, the divorce rate for adults over the age of 50 has doubled and continues to escalate. While a long-term couple may have accumulated a significant amount of assets, the very nature of those assets may make them difficult to entangle as the divorce moves forward.

Detailed attention needed to retirement plan distribution

When Florida couples head toward divorce, the issue of how to handle retirement accounts can often be contentious and difficult. In fact, in a 2016 survey of divorce attorneys, 62 percent reported that retirement funds are the most troublesome issue faced by their clients as part of the end of their marriage. As these accounts often represent the largest single asset of the couple and are critical to both parties' financial futures, this can come as no surprise.

Seeking full custody of the children

When Florida parents are heading toward divorce, the situation can become difficult for everyone involved. Even if the parents do not want to be together anymore, it is usually beneficial for both parents to play an active role in their children's lives. However, there are cases where one parent may wish to seek full custody of the children, especially if the other parent is abusive, neglectful or otherwise incapable of caring for the children on his or her own.

7 ways kids say divorce affects them

Your kids are old enough to understand what it means when you tell them you're getting divorced. They may not understand all of the little details behind why you are doing it, but they know what it means. You have to be open and honest with them as you move through this process.

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