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Judge denies rapper Ludacris’ request for child support reduction

Family law judges in Sarasota, and elsewhere, use a number of factors in order to help determine the amount of a parent’s monthly child support payments, including his or her income. There are situations, however, where a person’s income may change from the time when the support arrangement is made. In the event the change in income is a reduction, a parent may find himself or herself unable to afford their monthly payments.

Woman’s attacks against ex cost her in divorce settlement

A couple that has amassed millions of dollars in marital assets may have a complicated divorce process. A high-asset divorce in Florida typically involves determining how to fairly split properties, jewelry, business assets and more. In some cases, a judge may have to make the decision because the couple is unable to reach an agreement. As one recent incident illustrates, there are many factors that play into how wealth is divided.

Marriage ban causes adoption issues for same-sex couple

Many couples choose to adopt a child. In Florida, opposite-sex couples are able to jointly adopt, which gives both parents parental rights. Since same-sex marriages are not recognized in the state, however, gay and lesbian couples are not allowed this option for adoption. Instead, one of the partners must first solely adopt the child and then the other partner is able to use a second parent adoption to gain custody. While this provides a path for same-sex couples to adopt a child together in Florida, in other states that do not recognize gay marriage, the process could be even further complicated or, in some cases, impossible.

Same-sex couple in Tampa challenges marriage ban with divorce

While many states, including Florida, have outlawed same-sex unions, there are 17 states where gay marriages are legally recognized. Many couples have chosen to go to one of these states in order to get married. For those who do not live in states where those unions are legal, it can complicate divorce issues should they decide to split.

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