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Let Us Resolve Family Law Issues That Arise Out Of Parent Or Child Relocations

When a custodial parent plans to move to an area beyond a 50-mile radius of his or her former residence or the noncustodial parent, this may cause complications to parenting plans. If a divorce is already final, it requires a modification to divorce orders. If the final judgment hasn’t been made, then it can significantly impact reaching a divorce settlement. In either case, an experienced lawyer can help find the best solution for your family.

At The Murphy Law Group, we understand the complexities of relocation issues. We have a solid track record of helping people with these matters and know how to build a strong case. We will take an aggressive approach to defending your rights and are fully prepared to represent you in court.

Relocating to another state should be a fresh start, not a difficult family law issue to struggle with. We can help you.

Seeking Modification Of A Court Order For A Relocation

According to Florida law, unless a written agreement has been reached between both parents, the custodial parent must file and serve a Notice of Intent to Relocate. This notice must provide detailed reasons for the move and propose a revised contact schedule. Specific statutes also state that the move must improve the relocating parent’s quality of life, while keeping a viable relationship between the noncustodial parent and children.

Attorney Stephanie Murphy is an experienced negotiator and litigator who is fully prepared to advocate for your interests. She knows what the courts focus on in child relocation cases, and we will work with you to prepare for trial, including evaluating and comparing job markets, cost of living, quality of schools and other factors.

Since custody and visitation may change drastically with a move away, we also can refer you to the latest technology resources and travel policies to aid with long-distance issues.

Turn To Us For Guidance And Support

The Murphy Law Group is well known in the Sarasota area for showing true compassion to our clients. That’s because we see ourselves as a family law firm helping Florida families. We will never judge you, and we will always treat you with the respect you deserve.

If you would like us to show you the same level of dedication we show all our clients, contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation where you can discuss your family law issues with an experienced lawyer. Contact us online or call 941-584-9570. We accept all major credit cards.