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Flexible child custody arrangements

Some Florida divorced might think about arrangements for child custody and visitation in terms of the traditional schedule in which the custodial parent has the child most of the time and the noncustodial parent gets the child every alternate weekend, usually from 6 p.m. on Friday to 6 p.m. on Sunday. However, this schedule can be tweaked or restructured entirely to better suit the needs of both parent and child.

Divorce can shed new light on family finances

For people over 50 in Florida and across the country, the divorce rate has doubled since the late 1990s. Many older couples have spent their entire lives with one spouse in charge of all major financial matters. In most cases, the husband manages financial matters such as investments, life insurance and retirement funds. Therefore, a later-in-life divorce can cause a financial shock when each spouse has to handle their own finances following a split. In addition, recently separated spouses may discover hidden or unpleasant financial realities of which they were previously unaware.

Dealing with multiple traffic violations in Florida

Being charged with a traffic violation for the first time can be a scary experience. However, when you are faced with multiple charges, it's likely that you will expect the worst and wonder whether you will ever be able to drive again. It is important to not underestimate the seriousness of traffic violations, especially when you are faced with several. However, by taking action from the outset and understanding the rights that you have, this does not need to define your future.

Divorcing parents can help their children heal

Florida parents who are headed for divorce may wonder how they can help their children through the separation process. For a child, divorce can involve moving homes as well as spending time in two households and having separate access to each parent. Unfortunately, some kids may worry that they are to blame for the split. That's why divorcing parents should pay close attention to the emotional health of their children.

What if your divorce threatens your business?

Divorce is a far-reaching process that may affect nearly every area of both spouses' lives, even those that do not seem closely related. This is particularly true when one or both spouses own businesses, which the law treats like marital assets in much the same way it treats real estate or savings accounts as marital assets.

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