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Dealing with the challenges of co-parenting after divorce

For anyone in Florida ending a marriage that produced children, the process isn't over once a divorce becomes final. Co-parenting arrangements will need to be made between the parties who play a role in raising a child. Legally, co-parents can be parents or legal guardians responsible for a child's care. Oftentimes, these parties are the two individuals who divorced. While every situation is different, there are some ways to make the process smoother for everyone involved.

How to prepare for alimony negotiations

Soon-to-be exes in Florida may bristle at the thought of giving a former spouse money. However, this will need to be talked about at some point, and there are many tips as to how to negotiate alimony payments. First, an individual should have a strong grasp on his or her financial situation. This can make it easier to decide if a proposed payment amount is worth taking seriously.

Tips for winning your custody battle

Contested custody battles are brutal for all concerned — not the least of which is the children involved. Parents, too, find these types of legal tugs-of-war to be jarring and very stressful.

Surprising financial changes that come with divorce

When people in Florida decide to divorce, the end of a marriage can often be accompanied by a number of financial changes and surprises. Because of the extreme financial changes during this period, many divorcing spouses gain a far deeper understanding of financial difficulties and may make changes to their plans for the future. One study surveyed 1,785 divorcing or divorced women and found that nearly half experienced financial surprises during their divorces, with younger women even more likely than older participants to be shocked by marital finances.

Yes, popping a wheelie on your motorcycle is illegal in Florida

Motorcycles are a popular mode of transportation for thrill seekers across the State of Florida and the United States. After all, these small, fast vehicles can allow for outrageous speed and impressive tricks. Many motorcycle enthusiasts enjoy seeing how much they can manipulate their motorcycles while driving them.

How parents can handle money issues in divorce

After a divorce in Florida or any other state, it is important that parents focus on their children as opposed to the behavior of their former spouses. As a general rule, it is never a good idea to threaten the child's other parent because it can make it difficult to resolve a problem.

Parenting schedules add stability to children's lives

When parents in Florida decide to divorce or end their romantic relationship, both may be committed to ensuring that it does not also mean the end of their relationship with the children. Coming up with a custody agreement can be challenging but also important for developing a stable environment for children after their parents decide to separate. A parenting schedule can lay out logistics and responsibilities for how a child's time will be divided between his or her parents. By working together to create a plan, both parents can show their children that they are committed to putting the kids' interests first.

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