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Parents can help their children heal from divorce

When Florida couples consider divorce, they may wonder how the separation will affect their children. Parental actions can play a major role in easing the transition for kids. When parents are sensitive to their children's needs and prioritize their emotional well-being throughout the divorce process, positive outcomes are far more likely.

Dividing retirement assets in a 'gray divorce'

Saving for the transition to retirement can always be a challenging project, but it can be especially concerning when going through a divorce later in life. More Floridians than ever are choosing to divorce at older ages. In the past two decades, the divorce rate for spouses age 50 and up has doubled. While dividing finances after a divorce can be complicated for a couple of any age, this is especially true for people who divorce close to retirement age.

The role of wealth in divorce

Some Florida couples experience trouble in their relationship over money. SunTrust Bank conducted a survey in which 35 percent of people said that money was the main reason for conflict in their relationship. The Federal Reserve Board reports a correlation between relationship longevity and credit scores with people who have higher scores staying in committed relationships longer. Couples also stay together longer when their credit scores are similar.

Recent trench deaths lead to new OSHA measures

Florida workers required to dig gas, water or sewer lines are well aware of the potential dangers involved in their line of work. If an excavation site caves in, everyone in the trench could die. That's why the Occupational Safety Health Administration has updated its National Emphasis Program on Trenching and Excavation.

The interaction between child support and custody

The current child support system was largely put in place during the 1960s. During that time, single mothers in Florida and throughout the country asked the government for help providing for their children. To relieve the burden, the federal government asked fathers to provide those financial resources instead. However, some parents are asked to pay child support even if they have custody of their children.

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