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Why are teens at greater risk for reckless driving?
Why are teens at greater risk for reckless driving?

Why are teens at greater risk for reckless driving?

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2020 | Traffic Violations |

Teen drivers are more likely to die in a car wreck than almost any other age group. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, around 2,500 teenagers died in car accidents, making this issue the second-most common cause of death for young people this age in America. 

Reckless driving is often a factor in accidents involving teenage motorists, and understanding the factors behind it may help you to better educate your teenager before he or she gets behind the wheel. 

Driving with teen passengers 

Teenagers are usually more likely to show off behind the wheel when there are other kids their age in the vehicle. Male drivers are more apt to exhibit this behavior, which may include: 

  • Speeding  
  • Reckless lane changing  
  • Tailgating  

When the number of teens in one vehicle increases and the driver is also a teen, the risk of an accident can increase greatly, so you may want to limit how many friends your teen can carry when he or she is driving. 


Newly-licensed teen drivers may engage in reckless driving because they might fail to see the danger in operating a motor vehicle, especially in heavy traffic or on freeways. They might also underestimate dangerous driving situations, such as flooded roads or construction zones. If you teach your child to drive, it is wise to focus on safety and to help them understand that a motor vehicle is capable of causing death to both drivers and passengers when they ignore the rules of the road. 

Instances of reckless driving might also include failing to wear a seat belt and drinking while driving. Teenagers need to understand the consequences of these actions and how to avoid them before they get behind the wheel. 


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