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Include the information courts require in a parenting plan
Include the information courts require in a parenting plan

Include the information courts require in a parenting plan

On Behalf of | Nov 26, 2020 | Family Law |

Parental responsibility and the parenting plan you develop will become a major focus in your divorce. 

The best interests of the child will always be top of mind for the court, so your parenting plan must include all the information the court requires. 

Rights and responsibilities

Your parenting plan must contain certain points in order to gain court approval, including: 

– How you and the other parent will share parental responsibilities and childcare tasks 

– How you will share major decisions such as education, religious upbringing and healthcare 

– How you will divide time-sharing with the child 

– How you and the other parent will communicate about matters concerning the child 

– How your child will communicate with the other parent during time-sharing 

– How your transportation and child exchanges will work 

– How you will resolve conflicts related to parenting time 

Modification needs

Agreements seldom last forever and Florida courts recognize that a parenting plan modification is sometimes necessary. The court will approve a modification if the safety of the child is at risk, if a dramatic change in a parent’s circumstances affects his or her time-sharing obligations, or if the child would benefit from the modification. 

No misinterpretation

If you and your spouse are facing divorce and about to develop a parenting plan, you can rely on professional guidance to ensure you do not omit any information the court will require. The plan should also contain clear language that allows no room for misinterpretation. Remember the more details you include, the better your chances for court approval. 


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