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How to prepare for alimony negotiations
How to prepare for alimony negotiations

How to prepare for alimony negotiations

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2018 | Alimony & Spousal Support, Firm News |

Soon-to-be exes in Florida may bristle at the thought of giving a former spouse money. However, this will need to be talked about at some point, and there are many tips as to how to negotiate alimony payments. First, an individual should have a strong grasp on his or her financial situation. This can make it easier to decide if a proposed payment amount is worth taking seriously.

Unlike child support payments, states don’t often dictate how much alimony an ex may be entitled to. Generally, the amount of alimony a person will get depends on the factors in a given case. If an individual has millions of dollars in the bank, he or she will likely receive less than someone who has debt and lives paycheck-to-paycheck. Even if spousal support payments are ordered, the payee could decide to not send in a check in a given month.

Therefore, it is important to plan for what would happen if those checks stop coming in. For example, a plan should be in place in case the payer passes away. While an individual may be tempted to waive alimony, that is rarely a good decision. Ideally, a person would take a token payment as it preserves his or her rights to ask for alimony at a later date.

After a divorce, an ex is generally expected to live the type of lifestyle experienced during the marriage. This is where spousal support payments come in. The amount and duration of those payments largely depend on the length of the relationship and the assets a person may have. An attorney could help a client going through divorce obtain an adequate level of financial support in a settlement.


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