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Divorcing parents can help their children heal
Divorcing parents can help their children heal

Divorcing parents can help their children heal

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Florida parents who are headed for divorce may wonder how they can help their children through the separation process. For a child, divorce can involve moving homes as well as spending time in two households and having separate access to each parent. Unfortunately, some kids may worry that they are to blame for the split. That’s why divorcing parents should pay close attention to the emotional health of their children.

Open communication can be particularly important for a family going through a divorce. For example, a parent should have a conversation with older children about their feelings about the split. It can also be important to maintain communication with teachers and other key adults in a child’s life. Younger children may not be able to verbalize their feelings and could be prone to acting out as a result.

Absent an environment of abuse or neglect, children generally benefit from the active involvement of both of their parents in their lives. Former partners who can develop a solid co-parenting plan can help to create a supportive environment for their children in both family homes. In addition, each parent should encourage their children to see the other parent and note that they do not expect the kids to side with either party in the divorce.

For divorcing parents, child custody issues can be some of the most emotionally fraught aspects of the process. A parent going through the end of a marriage can consult a family law attorney. This legal professional could provide counsel and representation on matters related to child custody, spousal support, asset division and other key issues.


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