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Dealing with multiple traffic violations in Florida
Dealing with multiple traffic violations in Florida

Dealing with multiple traffic violations in Florida

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Being charged with a traffic violation for the first time can be a scary experience. However, when you are faced with multiple charges, it’s likely that you will expect the worst and wonder whether you will ever be able to drive again. It is important to not underestimate the seriousness of traffic violations, especially when you are faced with several. However, by taking action from the outset and understanding the rights that you have, this does not need to define your future.

If you have been convicted of multiple traffic offenses in the state of Florida, in is important that you understand exactly how the law works in that particular state. The laws surrounding traffic ticket charges, as well as your right to fight the charges and defend yourself, also varies between states.

Minor traffic violations in the state of Florida

If you are charged with a minor traffic violation in Florida, e.g., illegal parking or not wearing a seat belt, you will be able to pay your fine in multiple ways within a given time frame that will be clearly stated on your traffic ticket. You can pay your fine either through the mail, over the phone, in person or online.

What happens if I am charged with a major violation?

Some of the actions that constitute a major traffic violation in the state of Florida include driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, driving recklessly or leaving the scene of an accident. These will usually result in the suspension of your license — and it could even result in jail time — in the case of multiple serious violations.

How can I defend myself against multiple traffic violations?

Some traffic violations can have major consequences on your future. For example, a ticket for excessive speeding could mean that you will be spending more on your insurance for several years. Therefore, if you believe that the charge was inaccurate, which is quite possible, it is important that you take steps to defend yourself.

If you would like to defend yourself against multiple traffic violations in Florida, it is important to take action as soon as you receive a ticket.


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