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Can child support obligations be terminated?

When parents in Florida face a financial crisis or problems with their former partner, they may wonder if they can terminate their child support obligations. In some cases, people may want to take action when an ex-spouse prevents visitation or interferes with the parent-child relationship. By withholding child support, they may hope to pressure their former partner to allow them time with the children. In other cases, people may simply be unable to fulfill their obligations due to disability, unemployment or other external factors.

Child support payments after disability

When a Florida parent experiences a disability, it can have a serious effect on their family, including a financial impact on child support payments. Support payments are generally calculated on the basis of a statewide formula that is based on a parent's income. Depending on the parent's job, disability can lead to a serious loss of income and a change in lifestyle. Many disabled parents are suddenly no longer able to meet their child support obligations.

Why parents pay child support

When a child's parents have divorced, the noncustodial parent will typically make support payments to the custodial parent. The goal is to ensure that the needs of Florida children are taken care of. Generally speaking, the amount of a child support payment is based on state guidelines that take several factors into account.

The role of DNA testing in paternity cases

A DNA test may be able to prove to almost 100 percent accuracy that a Florida resident is the parent of a child. It could also disprove an allegation that an individual is the parent to a particular child. Establishing paternity is important because it is usually the first step in obtaining a child support order when the child's parents are not married.

The different kinds of child support cases

Parents in Florida who are starting child support cases may find the system to be confusing at first. There are four different categories of child support scenarios that are designated with specific abbreviations. Understanding the different types may help parents to gain a better understanding of the system.

How to prepare for alimony negotiations

Soon-to-be exes in Florida may bristle at the thought of giving a former spouse money. However, this will need to be talked about at some point, and there are many tips as to how to negotiate alimony payments. First, an individual should have a strong grasp on his or her financial situation. This can make it easier to decide if a proposed payment amount is worth taking seriously.

How parents can handle money issues in divorce

After a divorce in Florida or any other state, it is important that parents focus on their children as opposed to the behavior of their former spouses. As a general rule, it is never a good idea to threaten the child's other parent because it can make it difficult to resolve a problem.

How disability can affect child support payments

For families in Florida who rely on child support payments for ongoing sustenance, parental disability can have a major impact on their financial health. Due to disability, a non-custodial parent may no longer be able to fulfill their child support obligations as provided for in the initial order, as their own income may substantially decline. While disability does not automatically change or lower the child support award, the practical reality is that an acquired disability can substantially affect the amount of income available.

Child support statistics in the United States

In Florida and around the country, separating parents often enter into child custody and visitation agreements. One common concern among those paying child support and those receiving it is if the amount they are paying or receiving is normal. The U.S. Census Bureau conducts a study every few years to determine just that, and the results may surprise some Americans.

Government works to improve child support collection

Unpaid child support and delinquent parents can be a major financial burden for many families in Florida, especially when that support is necessary to pay the bills and make ends meet for the children. Because unpaid support can have such a detrimental effect on children's lives, child support enforcement is a priority for federal and state agencies. One system that has successfully improved the collection of delinquent child support has been the use of automatic payroll withdrawals to support a child support obligation. The federal Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) oversees this process among state agencies involved.

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