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Child Support And License Suspension: Part II
Child Support And License Suspension: Part II

Child Support And License Suspension: Part II

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2020 | Child Support |

In our last post, we began a discussion about the problem of child support non-payment. This is likely to become an increasing problem in Florida as the country is headed into a recession (mostly related to the Covid-19 pandemic).

One of the methods Florida uses to enforce child support orders is to suspend the driver’s licenses of parents who fail to make payments. Is this an effective enforcement mechanism, or is it counterproductive?

Many critics argue that suspending a license for nonpayment makes it even harder for child support obligors to pay because it could mean losing a job if the person can no longer get to work. And if they are behind on payments because they have already lost a job, having no license makes it more difficult to attend interviews and take other steps necessary to find new employment. So, what’s the alternative? Is there a better way?

If you are a parent who is behind on support payments or a parent frustrated that support payments have stopped coming, you may want to contact an attorney to address the child support order in court. If the order needs to be amended to reflect one parent’s change in financial circumstances, this could ultimately be more effective than simply trying to appease the agencies that enforce the order. Conversely, if your co-parent has stopped making payments for non-financial reasons, taking the issue to court might be the most effective means of enforcing compliance.

When child support doesn’t get paid, it is the children who suffer. As such, most parents want to do all they can to ensure that their kids get the financial support they need. If you are struggling with a child support matter (paying or receiving), please discuss your options with an experienced family law attorney today.


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