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Helping your child settle into your new home 
Helping your child settle into your new home 

Helping your child settle into your new home 

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2022 | Child Custody And Parenting Plans |

You and your former spouse have just concluded divorce proceedings. Thankfully, everything went as smoothly as possible and legal issues, such as custody arrangements, have been agreed upon. 

However, it simply wasn’t feasible for both parents to remain in the family home, so you’ve moved into a new place. Your child has their first visit coming up, and you’re anxious about them settling in. How can you help your child settle into your new home

Instill some familiarity 

You want your child to feel at home in your new place, rather than feeling like they are visiting a holiday home. 

One thing you can do is pick up some toys and decorations that they are used to. Perhaps you and your ex have agreed to divide furniture fairly, and familiar items like this in your new place can help to comfort the child. Tell them that there is a space for anything they want to bring with them and keep there. 

Keep a similar routine 

Try to keep familiar routines in place. For example, before you and your former spouse were separated, a rule was put in place that your child would finish their homework straight after school. After that, you had the evening to enjoy each other’s company. 

While you and your co-parent are not tied into having exactly the same parenting styles, it may help to have some shared rules. Giving your child this kind of stability may help them to settle into a new place. 

Generally, the more amicable you and your co-parent can be about handovers, the better your child will settle into their new routine. If you’re having any difficulties with the new custody arrangement, seeking legal guidance will make you aware of the options at your disposal. 


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