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The key components of a successful parenting plan
The key components of a successful parenting plan

The key components of a successful parenting plan

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2022 | Child Custody And Parenting Plans |

Divorce is hard on the entire family, especially the children. As you navigate the process, your focus will be on the best interests of your children. 

Generally, a divorce can be settled efficiently if proceedings remain amicable and spouses are able to reach fair agreements. Effective communication between spouses can also be taken into life after divorce. 

If you have children together, then you cannot simply walk away from your spouse and lead separate lives. You will always have at least some involvement with each other for the sake of your children. Your co-parenting relationship does not have to be filled with tension and conflict. Co-parenting can be a success story with an effective parenting plan. So, how do you put this into practice? 

Offer clarity to your child 

Children tend to thrive with stability. While every divorce comes with some disruption, you can keep this to a minimum if you show a united front concerning the kids. You want your parenting plan to outline which parent the child will stay with at certain times of the week. It is also important to factor in things such as the impact (if any) that there will be on schooling and other social gatherings. Typically, the less change the child has to go through, the better, as divorce is a change enough in itself. 

Find a way to talk 

You may not be on good enough terms to meet up with your ex for a drink every week, and this might not be a good idea anyway. Nonetheless, you both need to decide on an effective method of communication. This should be included in your parenting plan. 

Perhaps you can agree upon a day to provide weekly updates via email? Additionally, you may decide that there are certain decisions that must be joint, such as school trips or holiday camps. It is also important to implement a procedure in case of emergencies. For instance, it may not be feasible for both parents to have a say if a medical emergency arises, and one parent might have to act quickly. 

With effective communication, co-parents can make their post-divorce relationship a success. As you weigh up your life after divorce, remember that you have legal rights.


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