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Can you see a divorce coming?
Can you see a divorce coming?

Can you see a divorce coming?

| Sep 20, 2021 | Divorce |

If your spouse files for divorce without warning you first, it will leave you at a disadvantage. You may be so shocked that you spend the next few months in a haze. Meanwhile, your spouse is busy working out how to get a favorable deal.

Understanding the early indicators that your marriage is over allows you to prepare. It gives you time to come to terms with the situation before you need to focus on the legal process.

5 warning signs that your spouse is planning to divorce you

Here are some things to look out for:

  1. They stop arguing with you: People argue when they believe there is something worth fighting for. If your spouse replies, “Whatever you say, dear,” when you try to discuss something, they may have decided divorce is the only option.
  2. They avoid you: Your spouse might not tell you they hate being in the same room as you. They might instead alter their schedule to minimize the time you spend together.
  3. They start working extra shifts: Your spouse may devote more time to their work to give them a valid reason not to be at home and aid them in solidifying their financial independence.
  4. They change passwords: For years, your spouse refused to heed your warnings about internet security and kept the name of their first dog as their password for every account they owned. One day they changed everything and even put a password on the shared computer. Consider what they do not want you to see.
  5. They hide financial statements: If you have not seen a bank statement come in the mail recently, then your spouse might be hiding assets to reduce what you will get in a divorce.

If you think your spouse is preparing for divorce, you need to start your preparation for it. While you might be able to save your marriage, it is often too late, and the best you can do is accept it is over and prepare for the future.


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