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Divorce & Separation
Divorce & Separation
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Let Us Properly Guide You Through Your Divorce Or Separation

Whether you have been married for 20 years or 20 months, when your life as a married couple ends, you need to find an efficient and positive way to separate from your spouse and divide possessions, property, assets and liabilities. At The Murphy Law Group, we help clients with all aspects of their divorces, including the equitable division of the marital estate.

The longer your divorce drags on, the fewer assets you will have left to divide in the end. That’s the ugly truth of divorce. However, attorney Stephanie Murphy and her team will work with you to bring that difficult and expensive process to an end as expeditiously as reasonably possible.

Experience With High Asset Divorce Cases

Not every asset is easy to divide, especially if you have complex assets such as:

  • Real estate — condos, homes, raw land
  • Business interests
  • Retirement or pension assets
  • Stocks
  • Stock options
  • LLCs
  • Partnership interests
  • Other assets and debt issues

While we are very good at working toward the division of small marital estates, Stephanie Murphy excels at sorting out complicated divorces. Our law firm can work the numbers on your behalf to minimize the cost to you and to maximize your share of the assets.

In any divorce, and particularly in high-asset divorce, there are two important aspects to take into account in terms of complex property division:

  • The time value of the money — meaning its present-day value versus its future value.
  • Tax consequences — for example, the money you have in a money market or IRA you withdraw now will result in income taxes. Factor in commissions to sell assets, and you may want to rethink withdrawing money or selling assets.

In addition, our team can help determine if there are questions that need to be investigated, such as hidden assets or fraudulent transfers of property, and we can look into potential criminal conduct, such as extortion.

Stephanie Murphy has handled many complex, high-asset divorce cases as well as simple equitable distribution matters, and she understands where the difficulties and pitfalls may be for you.

Help Through Mediation And Litigation

We are happy to work with people in mediation, arbitration or any other “out-of-court” forum — ironing out the details of your divorce proactively through mediation, rather than in court. In some instances, however, seeking a resolution from a trial judge becomes necessary.

Stephanie Murphy is an experienced trial lawyer, and she and her team can vigorously represent you if your divorce case goes to court.

Collaborative Divorce

Not all divorce cases need to be a fight. Contested divorce cases, as well as all adversarial family law matters, can be messy, emotional, divisive, and expensive. Collaborative divorce is a more peaceful way to get a divorce or deal with common family law matters that don’t have to destroy your family. A Florida collaborative divorce involves a lawyer for each spouse, plus financial and facilitation neutrals, who all work together as a team to make sure you know everything necessary to make smart decisions for your future, help you maintain control over your divorce, keeps your case private, and creates and implements a plan to restructure your family. Collaborative divorce empowers you to control the outcome instead of entrusting a judge to determine your family’s future.

Statistics have shown that families who have been involved in a successful collaborative divorce process often spend less money than those who approach their divorce in a traditional manner. Also, the relationship between the spouses and parents becomes easier and less stressful because they have actively participating in formulating a solution that fits their particular family. Resolutions reached through the collaborative process are usually more stable and longer lasting than outcomes gained through litigation or a traditional, adversarial divorce.

If you are interested in proceeding with a collaborative divorce or family law matter, please contact The Murphy Law Group.

Contact Our Law Firm Today

Make sure you’re getting the fair portion of your marital assets and debts with help from The Murphy Law Group. To schedule a free initial consultation, contact our Sarasota office today. Call us at 941-584-9570 or send us a message using our online contact form. For your convenience, we accept all major credit cards.