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Make sure you think about summer vacations in your parenting plan
Make sure you think about summer vacations in your parenting plan

Make sure you think about summer vacations in your parenting plan

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2021 | Child Custody And Parenting Plans |

Working out a parenting plan to share time with your kids is one of the most challenging tasks during a divorce. However, what works for one week of the year will probably work for most when your children are at school. When they are on vacation, things can become more tricky.

While you probably looked forward to summer break as a child, it can make things complicated now that you are a parent. The summer can be hard enough to manage as a couple, but with divorce increasing the chance you both need to work, looking after the kids in the holidays can become a real challenge.

Co-parenting requires co-operation

While divorce will mean you are no longer spouses, having children means you remain tied to each other for years to come. Here are some things to consider when parenting during summer break:

  1. Do not be afraid to call on family or friends: People know that divorce is hard on parents and kids. They are often more than willing to help out, yet sometimes they expect you to make the first move and ask for help.
  2. Stagger time away: If you can take the kids away for a week and the other parent can do the same, it will ensure you cover two weeks of summer.
  3. Agree on how you will fund child care: You may need to pay someone to look after your children, or perhaps you will send them away to summer camps. Consider how you will split the costs for this when finalizing your divorce. A recent survey showed the average parent will spend around $1,000 per child for summer care.

However well thought out your child custody arrangements, there will always be unexpected things that crop up. The more flexible you and the other parent can be toward each other, the better it will be for your children. If you can keep your divorce amicable, it will make this simpler


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