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The psychological impact of a custody dispute
The psychological impact of a custody dispute

The psychological impact of a custody dispute

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2020 | Child Custody And Parenting Plans |

In terms of time and energy, custody disputes are exhausting. Dealing with court dates and legal matters is very hard for many parents who are in the middle of a custody dispute, especially those who already have demanding schedules due to their job and key changes to their lives following the breakdown of a marriage. However, the psychological impact of custody disputes is significant, placing strain on parents as well as their kids. At The Murphy Law Group, we know that many people in Florida struggle with various emotional hurdles during a custody dispute and sometimes these challenges last for years. 

Many parents become depressed in the wake of a dispute over child custody, and this sometimes leads to feeling hopeless. Unfortunately, these feelings often make it even harder for a parent to work through their dispute properly and secure the best outcome. Depression is not the only emotional hurdle associated with custody disputes, either. High levels of stress are also common and in some cases anxiety becomes debilitating. For example, these feelings often carry over into other aspects of one’s life, disrupting their performance in the workplace and even affecting their physical health, in some cases. 

By reviewing the ins and outs of a custody case, parents are often able to manage their emotions and reduce the psychological toll of a custody battle. Working with the other parent is a possibility in some disputes, but many are very contentious and this is not feasible. Parents experience psychological strain for many reasons, from courtroom anxiety to fears about how their relationship with their children will change in the future. Please visit our custody page to read more about dealing with a custody battle. 


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