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Relocation will bring big changes to your parenting plan
Relocation will bring big changes to your parenting plan

Relocation will bring big changes to your parenting plan

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2020 | Family Law |

For years you have put in extra time and effort to bring more business to the company you work for. You hoped for a promotion with more responsibility and a better salary, and it is finally happening. 

The problem is that the promotion comes with a move from Florida to Georgia. This means a big change to your parenting plan. As the custodial parent for your daughter, what is the next step in obtaining the approval of the court? 

Relocation agreement 

If the other parent has no objection to your proposed move out of state, the two of you can sign a written agreement. The agreement should show mutual consent for the move, explain the new time-sharing schedule for the parent who is not relocating and describe how you will carry out transportation details regarding the time-sharing arrangements for your daughter. 

Petition to relocate 

A change in residence of at least 50 miles is what triggers the need for filing a petition to relocate unless you and the other parent have reached an agreement concerning such a move. You must serve the petition on the other parent and anyone else who has a legal right to participate in time-sharing with your daughter. 

Florida law requires that you include pertinent information such as the proposed date for the move plus city, state and residence address, if known, along with the new residence phone number. You must also include a statement concerning the reason for relocation. Since, in your case, the reason is the promotion to a new position, you must attach the written job offer from your company. You must also include the post-relocation schedule for time-sharing and the proposed transportation arrangements. 

Best interests of the child 

The court will make a determination about any parenting plan changes based on the best interests of the child. While a better job opportunity is a valid reason for your relocation from Florida to Georgia, you must assure the court that your daughter’s happiness and security are always top of mind. 


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