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How the self-employed can work on their relationships
How the self-employed can work on their relationships

How the self-employed can work on their relationships

On Behalf of | May 7, 2018 | Firm News |

It is a common belief that the national divorce rate is at about 50 percent. However, the divorce rate for entrepreneurs in Florida and throughout the country could actually be higher. One reason is because a new business can lead to financial issues, and those problems can bleed into a marriage. The dynamics between partners themselves can also cause stress within a relationship.

Those who start their own companies are often more likely to be driven and take risks. Conversely, their spouses are more likely to be cautious when it comes to their decisions. In addition to the financial stress a business venture can cause, an entrepreneur might spend more time working on the company than working on the marriage itself. While there are many factors that could cause an entrepreneur to get divorced, there are also ways that they can strengthen their marriages.

For instance, a spouse should take responsibility for his or her role in causing the marriage to stall. Learning how to communicate is another effective way to save and strengthen a relationship. Instead of being stressed out, an individual can learn to be calm, which can reduce negative feelings during times of stress. Overall, this makes it easier to see other points of view and incorporate them into a relationship.

Those who are self-employed may need to travel on a regular basis to meet with clients or otherwise run their companies. This can result in frequent parental relocations, which may cause stress on both parents and children alike. It can also play a role in a child custody case if a parent does get divorced. Business owners or others who are dealing with custody issues may benefit from consulting with an attorney.


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