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The importance of custody and parenting plans
The importance of custody and parenting plans

The importance of custody and parenting plans

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Many Florida parents on the verge of a divorce may believe that dads may not be involved with the children as much as when the parents were married. However, many dads are actually interested in maintaining a strong relationship with their children. The main challenge with this is dealing with child custody, visitation rights and learning how to co-parent successfully.

During the divorce, parents will need to determine what type of custody and visitation schedule they want and be prepared with reasons why they want this. The plans for child custody and visitation must be drawn up with the best interests of the children in mind. Parents also need to be realistic when it comes to asking for custody. If both parents are capable of caring for the children, it is not reasonable to believe that one parent will get full physical custody.

The next step is to make a parenting plan that actually works. This is necessary when it comes to defining each parent’s role, how the ex-spouses will communicate with each other and how parents will deal with extracurricular activities and school events. Even if the former spouses do not get along, the parenting plan can provide a way for both parents to remain in their children’s daily life and maintain strong relationships.

Child custody disputes can be a difficult experience for many parents, especially for parents who are used to being the primary caregivers of the children. However, a family law attorney may assist with creating a parenting plan that fully outlines the role each parent will play. In the event that a parent believes that an ex-spouse is not capable of caring for the children on his or her own, the attorney may help the parent seek full custody of the children while working out a visitation schedule that lets the children have a relationship with the other parent.


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