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Actors, McClellan and Gillain battle over child custody
Actors, McClellan and Gillain battle over child custody

Actors, McClellan and Gillain battle over child custody

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Even if while together, one parent is the primary caregiver for their child, it does not necessarily mean that parent will be granted full custody, or joint custody, in the event the parents split. Unless the two sides agree to a custody agreement themselves, family law judges in Sarasota, and elsewhere, often determine child custody arrangements based on what is in the best interests of the child.

According to reports, actor, J.P. Gillain, is involved in a child custody dispute with his soon to be ex-wife, actress, Zoe McClellan. The two share an 18-month-old son. In his recent divorce filing, Gillain reportedly requested to share joint custody of the young boy with his estranged wife. It was reported that he also requested child support, but the specific amount was not disclosed.

For her part, McClellan reportedly recently filed a request with the court herself. According to reports, she requested an emergency order for temporary full custody. She purportedly hopes to move to New Orleans in order to shoot, “NCIS: New Orleans”, a new TV series she is set to star on. If her request were denied, McClellan would be unable to take her son with her.

Child custody issues can be particularly complex because both parents often feel they know what is the best situation for their child. In order to ensure that their rights are upheld, people who are involved in child custody disputes may find it of benefit to seek legal counsel and representation. A lawyer can help them understand their options and advise them as to the best course of action for their situation.

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