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Divorce trends in the United States
Divorce trends in the United States

Divorce trends in the United States

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Residents in the state of Florida understand the complexities involved in a divorce. Even the simplest of situations can result in a complex divorce process with divorce legal issues including visitation plans, spousal support, property division, child support, parental relocation and more. Even when prenuptial agreements are in place, many challenges can still arise during the decisions that must be made in the wake of the end of a marriage.

Understanding the reasons for divorce and whether there are any geographical or societal influences is of interest to many researchers. One such researcher who works in demographics in the University of Texas at Austin recently conducted some studies about this topic and the results from the work suggest that there is a trend about divorce in the United States. Of particular note according to the study is that states known to be red, or politically conservative, have higher divorce rates than their blue, or liberal, counterparts.

The study asserts that the reasons for this could include the pressure among conservative religious factions to marry at very young ages, to have children while still very young and to avoid behaviors such as living together before marriage or having sexual relations before marriage. All together, these pressures are reported to place undue stress on married couples, making them more likely to divorce ultimately.

Whether or not the rationale in the noted article is correct, the challenges associated with a divorce are real. People in Florida who must endure this process may well be helped through the use of a qualified lawyer.

Source: Huffington Post, “’Red’ States Have Higher Divorce Rates Than ‘Blue’ States, and Here’s Why,” January 21, 2014


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