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A strong economy may not be good for marriage
A strong economy may not be good for marriage

A strong economy may not be good for marriage

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2014 | Firm News |

As Florida residents watch and experience the nation’s economy rebound, there are frequently many benefits to be had. Reduced stress over financial worries, the ability to enjoy things that may have been eliminated during the recession and more can all be part of people’s lives as the overall picture improves. While a better economic landscape can help many things, it does not necessarily protect a person against other trials in life, including the possibility of a divorce.

In fact, one recent media article suggests that an improved economy may actually raise a person’s chance of getting divorced. A report that summarizes a study conducted by a University of Maryland sociologist notes that the rate of divorce dropped an estimated four percent between the years of 2008 and 2011. It also indicated that the divorce rate began climbing again in 2010, when the economy also began to bounce back.

While some people have asserted that the drop in divorces during financially challenging times was a signal that spouses came together during hardships and marriages were strengthened because of the experience, the study instead asserts that it is more possible that many divorces were simply postponed until the financial picture improved. The costs associated with the various divorce legal issues, from spousal support to child support and more, are believed to prevent many people from seeking a divorce that otherwise might.

No matter the reason or the timing, the end of a marriage is always a difficult experience. If you are considering a divorce or your spouse has requested one, you might want to talk to a lawyer about your situation to make sure you are well protected.

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