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Investigate options for more positive divorce outcomes
Investigate options for more positive divorce outcomes

Investigate options for more positive divorce outcomes

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2013 | Firm News |

No divorce is ever easy but some can be more complex than others and many reasons can make that the case for Florida couples. A high asset divorce, for example, could naturally include more complexities than another divorce situation. Decisions surrounding alimony or child custody can also make coming to agreement in a divorce settlement harder.

While working with an attorney can be helpful to people, there are still ways that a divorce can be navigated in a more amicable way to avoid some all-too common pitfalls. A recent media story discusses the use of mediation or collaborative divorce as options to this end. In a collaborative divorce, for example, both spouses agree to make all arrangements without going to court. Industry professionals such as accountants, financial planners, psychologists, attorneys and more may all contribute to the process but in the spirit of collective negotiation.

Mediation follows a similar philosophy in that avoiding costly litigation in which emotions can run high and wreak havoc is a primary goal of both parties. Mediation, however, relies on an independent third party to make the final determinations. Regardless of which method is utilized for a divorce, couples can save headaches by ensuring that all tax implications are properly considered in a settlement as well. This can dramatically reduce the cost of a divorce in the end.

Sometimes taking just a few small steps can save big time and money—and heartache—down the road. Discussing these ideas with an attorney can be a wise thing for couples facing a divorce to do.

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