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A prenuptial agreement can be the best insurance
A prenuptial agreement can be the best insurance

A prenuptial agreement can be the best insurance

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Floridians that divorce know as well as any other citizens in the country the pain and agony of a divorce process. Whether a simple or a complex divorce, it is never easy. The end of a marriage and the subsequent agreements that must be reached can be emotionally and financially draining on all parties. While there is no way to completely take away the challenges in a divorce, there are some things that spouses can do to ease the process.

One such action is something that can be done before the marriage even begins. A prenuptial agreement, once thought only useful for the extremely wealthy, can go a long way toward protecting a spouse’s interests, guiding and simplifying property division and even ensuring fair treatment for other family members along the way. An article that recently ran in the media points out, for example, that for people with children from prior marriages, a prenuptial agreement can be very advantageous when ensuring proper asset division for each spouse’s prior children.

Another factor to consider is the age at which people are marrying in our nation. With more people tying the knot at later ages, there is a greater amount of worth that each spouse can bring to a marriage and therefore, that may make protecting such assets more important. The author also indicates that a prenuptial agreement can be a method of identifying property division upon death as well.

Before you say, “I do,” you may give thought to discussing with your future spouse—and an attorney—the possibility of entering into a prenuptial agreement. If you never need it, that is great. But, if you do, you will be glad you have it.

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