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Lengthy legal disputes continue for years after divorce
Lengthy legal disputes continue for years after divorce

Lengthy legal disputes continue for years after divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2013 | Firm News |

In most cases, when a Sarasota couple gets divorced, they want to resolve the issues they have quickly, so they can move on with their lives. Sometimes, however, there is so much animosity between the two people that divorce proceedings may extend for years as each side challenges the other over issues such as child custody and property division. Even after the divorce is settled, the former husband and wife may choose to continue the legal war in other ways through lawsuits and appeals.

Drawn-out divorce legal challenges can affect more than just the individuals on either side of the case. When children are involved, it can bring stress into their lives and impair family relationships as each parent attacks another while they try to win custody and outlast each other in lawsuit after lawsuit.

An Ohio man and his ex-wife have been engaged in a legal struggle against each other for many years following their divorce.  Their children have likely witnessed the battle while growing up, as it has been 17 years since their parents first began their divorce. It is not over yet, as there is another court date scheduled in the near future, even though their divorce was finalized about 12 years ago. The two people are both law professors, which has invited criticism from others in the legal community regarding their conduct during their personal court proceedings.

If two people do not leave their marriage on agreeable terms, their divorce case can take many years to complete. Constantly dealing with a legal case can drain finances and complicate life. When a person is getting divorced, they may want to contact an experienced attorney to ask for advice about their situation.

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