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Father charged with harassment following child custody hearing
Father charged with harassment following child custody hearing

Father charged with harassment following child custody hearing

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2013 | Child Custody And Parenting Plans, Firm News |

Many times, child custody disputes are resolved in the courtroom if parents are unable to work out an arrangement between them. When a decision is made regarding which parent gets custody of a child, such as after a divorce or legal separation in Sarasota, a number of factors may be taken into account. At the child custody hearing, the child’s emotional well-being and the ability of the parent to care for the needs of the child are generally considered among other issues such as the preferences of each parent.

If one parent has a history of abusive behavior, a judge may likely decide that it may not be safe, or in the child’s best interests, to award that parent custody or even visitation rights. It is important that a child be raised in an environment that is free of any type of abuse and a judge’s role is to ensure that this occurs.

Harassment charges were filed against a father following a custody hearing when the man allegedly texted his son’s mother with violent threats. The man, who reportedly abused his son’s mother in the past, attended the hearing by phone and it is unknown what occurred in that hearing.  His charges, however, could jeopardize his case if he is asking for visitation or custody.

Child custody hearings can be emotionally charged events where tempers flare and arguments are exchanged. The behavior of each parent at the hearing may influence the proceedings, and any underlying conflicts may rise to the surface. To navigate this process effectively while protecting the children involved, a parent may want to consult with an experienced attorney.

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