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Miami divorce complicated by domestic violence charge
Miami divorce complicated by domestic violence charge

Miami divorce complicated by domestic violence charge

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Depending on the circumstances and facts, a divorce can get complicated fairly quickly as emotions are heightened, and temperatures rise. Factors that can contribute to a complicated divorce can be anything from the presence of children, which raises issues over custody and support, to a breakdown of negotiations to accusations of domestic assault. If a spouse is facing criminal charges, the other spouse will likely try to use those charges as evidence during the divorce dispute.

For one former deputy Sheriff in Broward County, an act of domestic violence seems to be the cause of the divorce itself. The man’s wife, an officer with the Miami-Dade Police Department, filed divorce paperwork after a February argument that allegedly became violent and he was arrested. He was charged with attempted strangulation and battery but is disputing the charges; apparently, he put his hand around the wife’s throat during the alleged altercation.

The couple has a young child and currently, the former deputy sees him every other weekend, but the visits are supervised. It was unknown whether the wife will seek to use the domestic violence charges to prevent him from having any kind of legal custody over the child. If the husband is convicted of the charges against him, he may find himself facing a complex divorce proceeding.

In complicated divorces, there are generally multiple issues that need to be resolved before the marriage can be legally dissolved. In this case, the primary focus of the husband will be to successfully defend himself against the domestic violence charge. Anyone facing the prospect of a difficult divorce may want to think about meeting with an attorney for legal advice.

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