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Facebook profiles and divorce
Facebook profiles and divorce

Facebook profiles and divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2013 | Firm News |

Facebook and divorce has become a hot topic, as social media becomes more a part of our everyday life. And often that’s the problem. Behavior, such as posting recent events in your life practically in real-time, along with pictures, becomes more and more an almost unconscious act.

During a divorce, especially a contentious one, anything you do that is “unconscious” is dangerous, as your former spouse and their attorney may now be watching your every move. Postings done on a whim or in the heat of the moment may carry long lasting consequences.

Beyond posting embarrassing material, an important consideration is how you and your children will use social media, like Facebook, and what restraints you want on your children’s presence there.

In a very short time, Facebook has become deeply entrenched in the way many people communicate, particularly with extended family, grandparents and friends who live out-of-town.

The decision you have to deal with is developing a workable plan that addresses your concerns. You may want to limit information posted regarding your children, but also avoid creating a flash point between you and your former spouse because the restrictions are too constraining.

And given the technological changes (remember, Facebook has only been publically available since 2004) move quickly, you want your parenting plan to be adaptable enough that you and your children are not hamstrung by an out-of-date agreement.

These are issues to discuss with your family law attorney as you create a parenting plan that will provide a workable solution for both you and your children.

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