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What an effective parenting plan can achieve
What an effective parenting plan can achieve

What an effective parenting plan can achieve

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2024 | Child Custody And Parenting Plans |

For parents, the most difficult aspect of divorce is often the impact it will have on the children. Nonetheless, children can go on to thrive after divorce.

One of the keys to ensuring that children succeed post-divorce is having an effective parenting plan. This is a child custody arrangement that is negotiated and formulated by both parents and formalized by the family court.

Here’s what an effective parenting plan can achieve.

Stability for the children

Stability is arguably the most important factor for children. Divorce in itself is a huge change for children, and the more stability that can be provided after that the better. An effective parenting plan can help ensure that children are able to remain at the same school, see the same friends, play for the same sports teams and essentially keep the routine that they had prior to divorce.

A reduction in conflict

An effective parenting plan should aim to minimize conflict between parents. Parents can set a schedule that works for them. The parenting plan can also include preferred communication methods and handover strategies. All of this can reduce conflict and show the children that their well-being is the priority.

Flexibility when needed

A child’s needs are constantly changing and the parenting plan can reflect this. It can be adjusted as the child develops. There may also be occasions when one parent needs to make a change to the custody schedule. An effective parenting plan can include provisions on how to make changes when necessary.

When negotiating a parenting plan, it’s important that both parents communicate and prioritize the best interests of the children. Having legal guidance can also help ensure that an effective plan is implemented.


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