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Is there a law against road rage in Florida?
Is there a law against road rage in Florida?

Is there a law against road rage in Florida?

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2023 | Traffic Violations |

Drivers in Florida, as elsewhere in the country, sometimes let their emotions influence how they behave in traffic. Individuals frustrated by delays or seemingly poor driving on the part of someone else may become aggressive. They may engage in conduct that others would call road rage.

Road rage incidents often only involve intimidation and a few minor traffic infractions. However, they sometimes culminate in acts of interpersonal violence. One driver may follow the other to their destination and then physically assault them because of their intense emotions related to the other party’s conduct in traffic.

Obviously, if someone takes a traffic matter and turns it into a physical altercation, they could face prosecution for harming another person. Florida law also allows for the prosecution of those who express their anger in traffic in specific ways, even if they do not harm someone else in a road rage incident.

Police could issue citations for road rage

Someone who succumbs to their emotional reactions in traffic will often make a series of questionable choices. Depending on what police officers or others witness, road rage might meet the standards for different types of traffic offenses.

A police officer could issue a ticket for aggressive careless driving if someone committed at least two back to back or simultaneous traffic infractions. The conduct that could lead to aggressive careless driving allegations include:

  • speeding
  • changing lanes improperly
  • tailgating
  • refusing to yield the right of way
  • passing unsafely
  • ignoring traffic signs or signals

Not only will there be a fine to cover, but the state will add four points to someone’s driving record all at once. Of course, aggressive careless driving is a traffic infraction, and officers may want to pursue more serious claims against a driver engaged in what seems like road rage.

Police officers can also potentially arrest someone for reckless driving if their road rage leads to grossly unsafe behavior in traffic, like ramming other vehicles or extreme speeding. The person accused of a traffic infraction after losing their cool on the road may need to consider their options for a defense.

Responding assertively to claims of road rage and major traffic violations could help people maintain their driving privileges and keep their insurance costs affordable. Seeking legal guidance allows motorists to get started in informed and supported ways.


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