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Can you move out of Florida after your divorce?
Can you move out of Florida after your divorce?

Can you move out of Florida after your divorce?

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2023 | Firm News |

Say that you met someone, perhaps online or on at school, and you decided to move to Florida to get married. At first, you had a happy relationship, but then things began to fall apart. You ended up getting divorced.

You are interested in leaving Florida and moving home. But are there going to be any complications?

Do you have children?

If you do not have children, then there shouldn’t be any complications. Once your divorce has been finalized, you are free to move. It is usually best to wait until the divorce process plays out since you’re going to file for divorce in the Florida court system. But, after you’ve taken all the proper legal steps to end your marriage, then you can live wherever you want.

If you do have children, things get more complicated. You and your former spouse likely had to have custody split up when you got divorced. This could mean that you watch the kids one week and your spouse has them for the following week, for example.

If so, moving out of the state could be detrimental to your spouse’s custody rights and ability to see their children. That’s why you need to provide a reason to show the court that the move is necessary. Examples include moving closer to extended family members, improving your quality of life, taking a job or going back to college.

Working through the process

It’s important not to violate your ex’s rights or the court order that you were given at the time of divorce. You need to know exactly what steps to take as you work through the process of moving after your marriage ends. This could include modifying your divorce agreement.


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