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Empty nests and the link to divorce
Empty nests and the link to divorce

Empty nests and the link to divorce

On Behalf of | May 21, 2023 | Divorce |

There are many reasons for divorce, and things like infidelity or financial indiscretions are some of the most well-known. These things are often very dramatic. One spouse comes home to find out that the other person is having an affair or they discover that their spouse has hidden away hundreds of thousands of dollars.

But many divorce cases are far simpler than that. They just happen because of the way that life progresses and the changes a couple experiences at different stages of their life. One natural change that many parents will experience is when they become empty-nesters. Their own children may get married or go to college and move out of the house, and their parents will then get divorced. Why does this happen?

Focusing on the children

What often happens is that parents focus very intently on raising their children. They stop thinking of themselves as a couple with a romantic relationship. They quit dating. The intimacy disappears. They don’t pay nearly as much attention to one another. They are parents, first and foremost. 

At the time, the children are enough of a distraction that they don’t notice that they’re drifting apart. But, once the children have all moved out of the house, they realize that there is not much left of their own personal relationship. Some couples will attempt to repair the relationship, but others just realize that it has run its course and decide to get divorced.

If your spouse does file for a divorce at this time in your life, you may not have to think about child custody options anymore, but you do have a lot to do as you divide assets. Take the time to carefully consider all of your legal options.


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