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Late-in-life-changing decisions
Late-in-life-changing decisions

Late-in-life-changing decisions

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2023 | Divorce |

Older couples are becoming a more prominent demographic in marital dissolutions. Experts are using terms such as skyrocketing to describe the significant uptick. Referred to as “boomer” or “gray” divorce. Couples in their fifties, sixties, and even seventies, if not older, are making the decision later in life to upset the proverbial apple cart to start anew.

The pandemic may have played a role as well. With lockdowns, older couples were forced to stay home, further opening long-gestating cracks over months of complete isolation. For many, frustration finally bubbled to the surface, leading to record numbers of divorce filings for those over 50.

The growing number of gray divorces

In the past twenty years, overall divorces have decreased. However, the over-50 demographic has doubled, according to 2014 data. Years later, the trend continues. In April, the U.S. Census Department revealed that nearly 35 percent of all Americans ending their marriages in the previous year were 55 or older, doubling the rate of all other age groups.

Regardless of the age of the couple, the impact on adult children can range from disappointment to anger over parents ending their message. However, there is a segment of offspring who are relieved, if not happy, that the emotional turmoil, if not outright abuse they have endured for decades, may finally end.

The end of a marriage is traumatic, regardless of whether it is a short time or a lengthy union over several decades. Needs and the broad definition of happiness change. When the time comes to make a change, a skilled family law attorney can be a strong advocate who will focus on your best interests.


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