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Tips for telling your spouse that you want to divorce
Tips for telling your spouse that you want to divorce

Tips for telling your spouse that you want to divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2022 | Divorce |

You’d like to get divorced, and you get the sense that your spouse may feel a bit blindsided. You know that they don’t approve of divorce in a general sense, and you imagine that they’re happy with the relationship – even though you clearly are not.

You may want to carefully consider the way that you tell them that you’re going to seek a divorce. Their reaction can have a big impact on how they approach the process and how smoothly things go. These tips can help.

Avoid disagreements

First and foremost, if you and your spouse tend to get into arguments or disagreements, don’t simply wait until one of these happens and then break the news. They will probably react poorly in the moment, and they may believe that you don’t even mean it. They need to know that this is something you want and that you’ve been thinking about for some time.

Find enough time

It’s also important to have enough time to talk thoroughly about this. It can take hours. Don’t bring this up when you know you only have a few minutes before one of you has to go to work or some other obligation.

Avoid external stress

You may just want to consider the external stress that you and your spouse are facing. This could be stress from work, the kids or financial situations. Feeling overly stressed can cause your spouse to react more negatively than they would otherwise.

Once the two of you have this conversation and start down the path toward a divorce, you need to ensure that you always understand what legal options you have.


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