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How personal driving habits can endanger a transportation career
How personal driving habits can endanger a transportation career

How personal driving habits can endanger a transportation career

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2022 | Traffic Violations |

Having a commercial driver’s license is a job requirement if you hope to drive professionally. You’ll have to meet Florida and federal licensing requirements to obtain a CDL and will need to maintain a safe driving record if you hope to keep your professional license. Special training and absolute precision when driving commercial vehicles will be necessary.

Mistakes that you make on and off the job could hurt your ability to continue working in your chosen profession, which is why many professional drivers choose to aggressively defend against a ticket whether it occurs on the job or in their own vehicle. If you go to court to fight a traffic ticket, you can prevent the insurance and licensing complications it could cause if you pay it.

Tickets at work can hurt your reputation

If you get a citation while on the job, you don’t just have to worry about paying a ticket and having a blemish on your driving record. Your employer will potentially face consequences for the infraction, depending on how severe it is.

They will also know about the issue immediately because you are in one of their fleet vehicles at the time of the citation. Infractions that take place in your commercial vehicle can potentially cost you your job in addition to costing you your CDL eligibility.

Tickets on your own time can still hurt your career

Unfortunately, you have to hold yourself to a very high standard as a commercial driver. There is little room for error, as any mistake could mean that you lose control of the big vehicle that you operate. You will have to apply those same rigorous standards to yourself when you are not at work.

Citations that occur in your own vehicle and on your own time could make you ineligible for your commercial license. They could also drastically increase how much it costs for your employer to insure you when you drive, which could affect your employment.

Whether a police officer accuses you of speeding or of reckless driving, taking the time to plan a defense and fighting back against the citation will likely be in your best interests. Fighting traffic tickets will help you preserve your commercial license and your career as a transportation professional.



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