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Tips for making your child comfortable in your new home
Tips for making your child comfortable in your new home

Tips for making your child comfortable in your new home

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2022 | Divorce |

Children who are learning to live between two homes after their parents divorce may have trouble adjusting to the new way of life. The parent who moves out of the home that the children have been living in might soon realize that they need to help the children feel more comfortable there.

You have to consider the child’s needs and their age so you can tailor your home to them. While it might be tempting to allow the children to bend the rules during the adjustment period, this isn’t a good idea because it sets a bad precedent.

Give the children their own space

Giving children a place of their own in the home can help them to feel like they belong. Even if your children have to share a room at your home, they should still have a place that’s only for them. This might be a few drawers in the dresser where they can keep their clothing. If possible, allow them to help you decorate the space.

Keep furniture and décor kid-friendly

Children don’t want to worry about breaking things. When you move into a new home, be sure that you’re thinking about how each piece of furniture and each decorative item might withstand your children. If you have rambunctious toddlers or elementary school students, dainty furniture probably isn’t a good idea.

Divorced parents might feel as though they’re facing many uphill battles. Getting the parenting plan set quickly after the split is one way that they might be able to combat the stress of the situation. The terms should be based on what the kids need now since modifications are possible in the future. Ultimately, the goal has to be doing what’s in the child’s best interests.


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