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These errors could harm your divorce prospects
These errors could harm your divorce prospects

These errors could harm your divorce prospects

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2021 | Divorce |

Once you decide to divorce, you have a lot to work out. If you let the pressure get to you, you could make mistakes you will regret.

Divorce can be frustrating, especially if your spouse is telling lies about you. Yet, you need to control your reactions. If your spouse accuses you of violence, and you react explosively to something they say, a judge may think there is substance to the allegations.

Take care handling assets in a divorce

It is not only your reactions you need to watch. You must also think carefully before doing anything with your property. Here are two mistakes to avoid:

  1. Hiding assets: Be honest when declaring your assets in a divorce. If you fail to disclose it or transfer it to someone else for safekeeping, it makes it more likely you will lose it. If a court thinks you have tried to hide an asset, they may punish you by awarding it to your spouse.
  2. Squandering assets: Imagine you have been saving for a porch extension or to take your spouse away to a luxury resort for Christmas. Now that is no longer going to happen, you might think you can spend that money on something you always wanted. Yet divorce is not the time to do this. First, you may need the money to rebuild life post-divorce. Second, your spouse could accuse you of “intentional dissipation, waste, depletion. or destruction.” 

Divorce can feel frightening, and it is easy to fill your head with worst-case scenarios. Once you understand more about the rules divorce operates within, you will realize that most of these things will not happen. Having help as you find out more can help you build an effective plan to get the divorce results you need.


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