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3 common concerns children have during a divorce
3 common concerns children have during a divorce

3 common concerns children have during a divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2021 | Child Custody And Parenting Plans |

A divorce is a major event in the lives of all who are involved. Frequently, adult spouses find the process extremely challenging at times. 

However, the concerns of children can result in further anxiety and stress. The focus of both parents will typically be to work towards the best interests of the child. Nevertheless, it is not always easy to know which decisions are indeed best for the children. 

Identifying some of the frequent worries that children have about divorce could be of great benefit. Outlined below are three common concerns of children during a divorce. 

That they did something wrong 

A lack of clarity over a situation can often lead to children placing blame upon themselves. Frequently, children may ask themselves whether their actions have resulted in the separation of their parents. It may be beneficial for both parents to ensure the child that they are not at fault. This not only benefits the child but can also unite parents in dealing with such an important issue. 

Concerns over changing schools 

It is not uncommon for children to be worried about having to change schools. Divorce is a major change in itself, without considering moving homes and places of education. If a child can remain in the same environment, it can help to reassure them of this. Where a move is necessary, it might be presented to them as a new adventure that the family will face together. 

A belief that divorce is temporary 

Often, children can hold on to a firm belief that their parents will inevitably get back together. If this is not the case, parents may help by telling them that the separation is permanent but that their love for the child will not falter. Approaching the concern in this way could offer the child a much-needed sense of security. 

Recognizing the common concerns of children involved in the divorce process could help you to address them. As a parent in Florida, you should also remember that you have legal rights.  



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