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Can you drive a golf cart on a suspended license?
Can you drive a golf cart on a suspended license?

Can you drive a golf cart on a suspended license?

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2021 | Driver’s License Suspension |

For whatever reason, your driver’s license was suspended — so you’ve had to get creative in order to get from place to place.

Since golf carts aren’t exactly cars (and you’ve even seen kids driving them), are they an option?

Golf carts are motor vehicles under Florida’s law

Golf carts, just like other low-speed utility vehicles and all-terrain vehicles, are still considered motor vehicles under Florida’s statutes.

While golf carts don’t have to be titled or registered (or insured) the same way a regular passenger car does, you still need a driver’s license to operate them on a public street. (They can be operated by anybody 14 years of age and older, with or without a license on private property.)

While it’s become rather fashionable for older residents in some Florida communities to deck their golf carts out with all sorts of designs and decorations and use them in place of regular cars for short trips to the store or coffee shop, the reality is that you can still get a ticket for operating them in violation of the law.

You may have other options to recover your license

Depending on the reason that your license was suspended, you may be able to get the suspension lifted or apply for an exception. If, for example, your license was suspended due to unpaid traffic fines or support delinquencies, paying the bill may help you get your license back.

If your license was taken due to drunk driving, you may be allowed to resume driving with an ignition interlock device or through a “hardship” license that gives you limited privileges back and forth to work or school.

Don’t let your mistakes pile up. If your license has been suspended, having experienced legal guidance can be helpful in regaining your driving privileges.


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