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Losing contact with your children after a divorce
Losing contact with your children after a divorce

Losing contact with your children after a divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2020 | Family Law |

When a marriage ends, there are various challenges to address, but if you are unable to keep in touch with your kids this is an especially upsetting issue. Fortunately, many parents are able to restore contact with their children by taking a careful approach to their circumstances and bringing this matter up in the courtroom, when necessary.

Recent data from the Census Bureau shows that in 2017, 26% of children lived with a custodial parent and had another parent who lived elsewhere. Sadly, some parents fail to respect the rights of their child’s other parent and they do everything in their power to prevent their former partner from seeing or even talking to the children.

The emotional impact of missing your kids

Emotionally, losing touch with your kids is often extremely devastating. Some parents struggle with depression or an anxiety disorder as a result of this issue, and it is also very emotionally hard for many children to lose contact with their father or mother. These emotions can cause some parents to develop a drug problem or quit their job, which can lead to more challenges (such as affecting their ability to secure custody or visitation rights and facing harsh penalties due to back child support).

The options available to parents who worry about custody or visitation

If your ex is preventing you from seeing your children, you need to understand the options you have. If they are violating a custody order or denying your visitation rights, you need to hold them responsible. Moreover, if you believe a custody decision was unfair, you should look into your legal options. Sometimes, talking to the other parent can help, but this is not always feasible or even smart.


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