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Should you consider a trial separation?
Should you consider a trial separation?

Should you consider a trial separation?

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2020 | Divorce |

In Florida, there is no legal separation process, so if you do decide to separate from your spouse, it will be an agreement between you and not involve the court system.

You can opt for a trial separation, which The Gottman Institute explains is where you live apart and conduct your lives as if you are not in a marriage.

How it works

A trial separation is basically a break in your relationship. You decide to not interact as a married couple and to live your lives apart.

You and your spouse may create an agreement on how you will handle certain things, such as the children and finances, during your separation. You may also come to an agreement on how long you wish to live this way and what you will do at the conclusion.

The rules for your separation largely depend on the goals you set and the desired outcome.

Success rate

Success depends on the outcome you desire. For many couples, it is that the separation gives them time to think and reflect on the marriage. They learn how to fix issues and can come together in the end to revive their marriage.

For other couples, the goal may be to settle into separate lives so that when they decide to divorce, it is an easier process.

You have to decide for yourself which goal you want to reach with your separation. This will impact what you do and how you act during this time. It will also help you to plan better for the future.

Often, separation is successful, but only when you know what you expect from the process.


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