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Out of state traffic offenses may cause a license suspension
Out of state traffic offenses may cause a license suspension

Out of state traffic offenses may cause a license suspension

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2020 | Driver’s License Suspension |

Many Florida residents travel out of state for work or vacation purposes. While driving in another state, a Florida driver may receive a citation for a traffic violation. These out of state violations are serious since they can negatively impact the driving record of a Florida driver and possibly lead to the suspension of a driving license.

Much like traffic violations committed in Florida, an out of state citation can add traffic violation points on a driving record. Drivers who accumulate too many points may see a suspension of their driving privileges, which could last for 30 days or even a year.

Out of state offenses

As Florida law explains, when a motorist incurs an offense in another state, that state will send the citation back to Florida to add it to the driving record of the motorist. Sometimes the citation will not result in the Florida government adding points to a driving record. It depends on whether the out of state violation is also a violation under Florida law that produces traffic violation points.

Out of state programs and traffic points

Other states have their own programs that drivers may complete to get points removed from their licenses, such as safe driving classes. However, if Florida applies points resulting from an out of state offense, a program in that state does not have the power to remove those points. A Florida driver will have to go through whatever programs state law requires to get his or her points taken off.

Settling unpaid offenses

Sometimes a Florida driver will have to clear up a driving offense in another state to lift a driver license suspension. According to Florida law, the state may suspend a driver license if that driver did not pay a citation in another state. The driver will need to pay the offense and then supply a paid receipt to the state of Florida. This receipt must have the seal of the court in the county where the driver received the citation. The driver may also have to pay a reinstatement fee if required.


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